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Have you ever wondered why some people always get the job they want while the others are not even contacted after sending a resume?

Maybe there’s some secret in it?

Actually, there’s no magic in it. The only secret ingredient these people use is a professionally written resume. Professional resume writers know how to make the resume appealing to the HRs.

Do I need online resume writing services?

If you are really concerned about your career, the answer is Yes! As the researches show, recruiters spend an average time of 6 seconds only to look at each resume. So, if your resume didn’t catch his eye during this period of time, they won’t return to it!

So, the main task of our professional resume service is to make your resume drawing attention at the first slight. Our writers know how to compose resume in the best possible way. The resume structure, choice of words, the angle of writing and highlighting your performance – all of these matters to make the kind of resume employers love most. Our online resume help provide resumes which show your achievements and performance in the best possible way for each position.

Resume writing help guarantees

As a career starter or established professional, you probably need to look at what you offer before dealing with us. Our resume writing experience has over 5 years of history. We have worked both with mid-career specialist and executives. We know how to benefit the specialists most with our CV writing services.

Our professional resume writing services guarantee:

  • Attractive and professional look of your resume – smart content does matter, but the design is the king when you need to draw attention at the first slight.
  • Proper structure and professional vocabulary usage – the main thing about a professional resume is presenting the most attractive points in a bright light.
  • Satisfaction – if the resume you received doesn’t satisfy you completely, we will edit it until you like it!
  • Timely delivery – your resume will be sent to you within the deadline you’ve chosen.

Something more than just a resume

Our resume company does not offer resume writing only. We provide quality CV service, but we offer lots of extra options and facilities in addition to CV writing:

  • Covering letter – most of the vacancies require sending covering letter along with resumes
  • Follow-up or Thank you letter – a letter which is sent after resume submission or an interview
  • Personalized interview tips – a list of hints about how to conduct yourself and what to say during the interview.

When you contact to ask ‘Write my resume’ you also receive:

  • LinkedIn profile – your writer will also update your Linked In profile as the employers often look for information about applicants online
  • Resume update in 1 year – contact us and you won’t need to buy a new resume, as we will update your old one for a small extra payment
  • Online storage – we will not remove your resume from our base in case you need access to it again.

And all that for a very attractive price!

Like no other writing services, we offer resume help from professional writers for affordable price. We don’t charge more for top manager or executive resume as many other resume companies do. A resume written by us will showcase your key competences and strengths to help you achieve your career goals.

Is there any sure way to get to the interview?

There’s no magic in getting an invitation for interview for a desired job. Our professional resume writer will become your hand of help in career growth. Don’t hesitate to buy a resume and give your career a head start!